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Disco music peaked in its popularity during the mid to late 70s. African American and Latin communities popularized the music genre at the time as a sort of rebellion towards the rock music that was dominating the charts. Disco music was heavily influenced by funk, Latin, and soul music and so was the dancing. When the movie “Saturday Night Fever” came out in 1977, disco dancing became the trend with moves like “the hustle”, “the electric slide” and “the bump”.

Bumblebees are social insects with black and yellow hairs on their body, usually in a stripe pattern. They feed on nectar from flowers and gather pollen to feed their young. Like other bees, bumblebees form colonies in abandoned nests with other bumblebees to harvest their honey and protect the queen bee. A queen bee’s main job is to reproduce and lay eggs (and she can lay 6 to 10 eggs in one sitting!). During summer, bumblebees fly over the nest and beat their wings like a ceiling fan to keep the hive cool. These worker insects will do anything to protect their hard work and you better watch out! Unlike other bees, bumblebee stingers don’t have barbs, so they can repeatedly sting you without dying.

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